Intern Profile: John Pellarin

John Pellarin


Economics Major

Internship with Goldman Sachs, summer 2012

New York City, New York

1. How did you find this internship?

A professor in the business department called my attention to the internship opportunity and suggested I apply.

2. What was the application process like?

The application process was fairly straight forward. They asked for a copy of my resume, as well as requiring me to apply online. A cover letter is not necessary as they receive too many applications to justify spending the resources to read each one.

3. What was the interview process like?

The interview process consisted of four rounds of phone interviews. Each interview was thirty minutes long, and it was common to have two interviews per round. Interviews were a mix of technical and behavioral questions based on the interviewer’s personal preference.

4. What did you find most helpful as you were going through this process?

Reaching out to family friends who work in the industry was extremely helpful. Many of them went through the same process when they were first starting out. They were able to give me a sense of what to expect in my interviews.

5. What advice would you give to other students who are interested in this type of opportunity?

Learn to network. The easiest way to get a foot in the door is to reach out to as many people as possible and ask if they would be willing to help you in your internship search process. While a contact may not be able to guarantee you a job, they are often vital in getting the human resources department to seriously consider your resume.

6. What are you hoping to learn from this internship?

I am hoping to get a sense of what day to day operation are like at a large financial institution. In order to decide if this is something I could see myself doing long-term. I am excited at the prospect of learning from the talented people who are employed by the firm. I think that the skills I learn this summer will provide a solid foundation for future development.

7. What will you do once this internship is over?

After this internship I hope to be invited back for another summer internship the following year. Goldman Sachs is a great company with a lot of opportunity for advancement. It is a place I can see myself working into the foreseeable future.

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